Buy 2 15ltr Scuttle8 liners

Buy 2 15ltr Scuttle8 liners

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15 litre flexible, reusable silicone paint scuttle liner. 

Fits perfectly in the most popular 15L capacity paint bucket/scuttles, doesn't effect the use of the wire carry handle and still allows for the use of all rollers up to 12 inches. 

Suitable for the use of all water based and oil based products including paste and fillers.

Approx internal dimensions (bottom) 14 x 7 inches, (top) 15.5 x 10 inches, (height) 9 inches. Rounded internal base so you can load your roller easily.

Super easy to clean out, Left over paint, once dry easily flakes/peels off and a quick wipe pf the liner. it is like new again.

Quick and easy to change over, saving valuable time when changing colours.

Extremely flexible, can be squashed up and washed in a small site sink 

Tough and durable 

Like using a brand new scuttle every time, no more bits of paint rolling off on to your walls.

Your plastic paint scuttle never needs to get dirty again.

A must have for every painter and decorator 

Disclaimer - Certain paints and oil based paints may cause a slight dis-configuration to the shape of the liners  

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